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Dead skydiver wasn't wearing parachute when body found, witnesses say

Monroe Township, N.J. — A man died in a skydiving incident in Williamstown, N.J. Sunday evening, officials said. His body was found at approximately 5:25 p.m.

He had jumped from a plane out of Skydive Cross Keys, CBS Philly reports.

The company told the station the victim was an experienced skydiver with more than 1,000 jumps to his credit.

Skydive Cross Keys also said the man's parachute was deployed when he left the plane.

Witnesses told CBS Philly the parachute wasn't on the skydiver when his body was found.

"I thought it was a jet or a rocket, some kind of rocket going over," said witness Maria Mead. "Then it passed over the tops of the roofs on Brookdale and over the trees. I saw a shredded red parachute flailing down and I heard an explosion. Then I heard a really loud bang."

The victim has yet to be identified. Monroe Township Police were investigating the cause of the deadly incident.