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Day 45: President Obama's Schedule

On his 45th day in office President Obama will reveal his health care policy during a White House forum. Following his remarks, participants will break out into several groups to discuss ideas on how to bring down health care costs and increase coverage.

Earlier in the day, the president will receive his daily and economic briefings in the Oval Office.

This afternoon, the president will meet with Treasury Secretary Geithner in the Oval Office.

At the end of the healthcare forum, President Obama will hold a dialogue with forum participants in the East Room. Here is more from the White House press office (all times eastern):

9:30AM President Obama receives Presidential Daily Briefing

10:00AM President Obama receives Economic Daily Briefing

10:30AM President Obama meets with senior advisers

1:00PM President Obama delivers opening remarks at the White House Forum on Health Reform

2:30PM President Obama meets with Treasury Secretary Geithner

4:00PM President Obama holds a dialogue with forum participants

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