Dave's Date With Jen

The Early Show, Dave Price and Jen
CBS/The Early Show
Weatherman Dave Price was supposed to go on a blind date last week, but hurricane Isabel had other plans. So The Early Show sent his date Jennifer Scherz to the "Cupid" finale in Los Angeles with "As The World Turns" star Grayson McCouch.

But, of course, being a man of his word, Price still wanted to show Jen, chosen as his Match.com date, a good time.

"So much planning went into this date to make it perfect, including a first class hotel and rental car," Price says. "I had every activity planned because first dates can be awkward."

But as Price learned, even though things may not go as planned, you can still have fun.

After apologizing for not taking her to Los Angeles, Price asked Jen out for a beach outing in Miami's South Beach this weekend.

On the phone, he told her, "I want to make it up to you. I saw that whole soap opera guy and he treated you like a princess and I'm going to top it. Don't worry about that. The weather is going to be great this weekend."

To get ready for his date, Price stopped at a Speedo shop and asked the sales clerk for help. "I am on a date so I need something kind of sexy."

Ready to go, he met Jen at Loews Hotel. After the usual hug-and-kiss greeting, they went to the beach where a table was set right on the sand. On the menu, a couple of drinks, "Very Florida like," Dave noted. It looked perfect, only a wave got the waiter's shoes soaking wet.

Since this was his first foray into online dating, Dave suggested surfing to add some excitement. Though they spent more time off the surfing board than on, they seemed to enjoy the waves.

Next, was a bike ride during which they even held hands. It all seemed perfect under the Florida sun -- until Jen fell of her bike and they had to ask for a First Aid kit.

"What other activities can we do?" Dave wondered, "Maybe the pool." Jen agreed, "That sounds good. I think I can only drown."

Sipping Daiquiris while in the Jacuzzi, Dave asked Jen how the date was going.

"I have to say it was definitely one of the better dates I've been on," she said. Holding her in his arms, he said, "This is a happy Early Show ending! Eat your heart out, Harry!"

Back in the studio, he quipped, "Occasionally on a first date, you should call an ambulance before it starts."

Recapping the cost of the adventure, he said, "The guy's shoes was $200 and the microphone I ruined was about four grand and First Aid for Jen and the concussion when the serve board hit my head, but it was terrific. She was a gem and a great sport and it was a lot of fun."

What he learned from the experience, he said, was accept all the help you can get. "Always accept help: family, friends, technology. However you can meet your mate, meet them.