Dave Price's "Dream Job" on the Rails

Dave Price at the helm of a freight train.
Did you ever dream of driving trains when you were a kid?

"Early Show" Weather Anchor and Features Reporter Dave Price did.

Though Price grew up to do many transit-related things, such as becoming a licensed pilot, he still harbored a dream to ride the rails.

However in "The Early Show" "My Dream Job" series, Price finally got to live that dream aboard a locomotive in Seattle. Price began his route to becoming a freight train conductor at BNSF Railroad Training Center near Kansas City, Kan.

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After completing some training and doing some un-dreamlike jobs like mopping trains, he finally made his way to the helm of a 4,400 horsepower diesel-electric locomotive. His trip took him eastward through wheat fields, apple groves, mountains and rivers across Washington State.

To see his spectacular journey, click on the video below.