Darth Vader subdued by a dog strong in the Force

(CBS News) Darth Vader may be one of the most powerful guys in the galaxy, but he was no match for a courageous pooch obviously strong in the Force in this amusing caught-on-tape moment above. Watch what happens when the Sith lord decides to mess with the wrong dog. 

It's just like master Yoda famously said: "Fear is the path to the dark side."  Now I'm not completely certain if the dog in question is trying to make love or war in this scenario... but he definitely has the fallen former Jedi beat in this battle. The caught-on-tape moment of a street performer playfully attacked by a random dog appeared to have the audience giggling, though Darth Vader does not seem nearly as amused. In all seriousness, I feel for the guy and really hope everyone there made sure to leave a big tip for this obviously off-script, but funny FAIL performance.