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Darth Vader Commercial Gets Big Thumbs-Up

This year's batch of Super Bowl commercials is getting a round of applause from at least one media expert.

Marketing wiz Sally Hogshead, author of "Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation," says the ads that aired during the big game last night were "great. This year, we saw the return to the simple, brilliant idea. The ads that won were not the ones with the flashy over-the-top special effects. And it wasn't even necessarily the ones with the glossy celebrities. This was about great ideas."

On "The Early Show," Hogshead pointed to the "Little Darth Vader" Volkswagen spot in particular.

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"How could you not love the little Darth Vader?" she asked rhetorically of co-anchors Erica Hill and Chris Wragge.

"I just love this one, as well. That kid is so adorable," Wragge remarked.

"And it's been getting so much attention, online and, of course, as everybody handicaps the day after," Hill observed. "You know, I think for good reason, because who doesn't remember 'Star Wars' and have that attachment?"

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"And it's not just for the baby boomers who grew up with 'Star Wars,' Hogshead said."It's for the moms; it's got some technology for the guys. This is a total crowd pleaser."

"So it's got the whole package," Hill summarized.

Eminem's appearance in two different commercials grabbed attention.

"And both were actually pretty good," Wragge said.

"It was the year of the Eminem. Who knew?!" Hogshead added.

The Eminem commercial for Chrysler 200 was "also, in some ways" an ad for Detroit, his hometown, Hill noted. "But I think I was doing dishes or something and all of a sudden I heard the music and I stopped and I turned and I watched that whole commercial," Hill said.

"This commercial," Hogshead said, "has a sense of gravitas that we didn't expect from Chrysler, and certainly not from Eminem, but it worked incredibly well. There was a lot of online buzz about how this spot captured an emotion very effectively."

To see the rest of the "Early Show" look at last night's ads, click below:

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