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Daredevil performs 193-foot cliff dive, on The Feed!

Some of the latest and greatest viral videos include a point-of-view cliff dive from nearly 20 stories up and a Corgi excited to beat the summer heat.

Red Bull takes extreme video and knocks it out of the park again with this incredible stunt. Canyoneer and high-diver Laso Schaller, 27, leaps from the Cascata del Salto in Maggia, Switzerland, 193-feet down into the water below. He hits the water in less than 4 seconds at a speed of 76.4 miles per hour. Luckily, Schaller lives to tell the tale and we get the gut-wrenching perspective from his helmet camera.

Now, this pool of water is slightly less dangerous than the one above. In this video posted by IWafflezI, Nero the Corgi can't wait to play in the kiddie pool. His overly enthusiastic response to the hose starting to fill it up is hilarious. Which is understandable, kiddie pools are a great way to beat the dog days of summer.

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