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Dara Torres On Aging, Pain And Inspiration

The following commentary was written by Dara Torres, 5-time Olympic swimmer and author of "Age Is Just A Number".

As I start my post-World Championship hiatus I am thinking about three things:

  • Family
  • Health
  • Inspiration
  • Family
    I realize how much time I am away from my daughter, Tessa, every moment I am not with her. That is probably the toughest thing for me when I am involved in my swimming career, the time I miss with her. But I look forward to the days when I can share all the memorable experiences and let her know how much she has impacted me during the past 3 years and my comeback.

    Whereas "Age is Just A Number," sometimes what's on the inside needs a little oil and service. I hope to continue to improve and fulfill my professional dreams by having a procedure done which with any luck will help create new cartridge that will surgically be put back in my knee. As of now I am suffering from arthritis. Classic bone on bone in my knee and the pain is excruciating. I hope this works. I never want my career to end on terms beyond my control. So I will keep pushing the envelope because I feel the hopes and passions of millions of 30+ year olds riding on my commitment.

    How can someone not wake up inspired every day when you feel so fortunate to have more lives than a cat? My rebirths as an athlete, a woman and a role model have all been infused with passion, authenticity and the burning desire to prove others wrong. Whether it's through my various charity endeavors, motivational speeches, corporate outreach with companies such as HP, BP, Speedo, Fitness Nutrition and others, I never do it for selfish reasons and I will only undertake opportunities that feel right. People ask me where I get my inspiration, well I truly feel the inspiration comes from within.

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