Dancing and beatboxing blend into awesome with "The Dancebox"

(CBS News) In this blogger's opinion, when you blend peanut butter and chocolate, you end up with something pretty great (this also applies to chocolate and sea salt). But what do you get when you blend together beatboxing and dancing? Pure awesome, that's what. Check it out above.

The mixture of music and movement entitled "The Dancebox" was created and performed by Mike Song and KRNFX, and posted by Mike Song who writes:

An experimental collaboration between dance and beatboxing.

Recorded and performed live. It was so much fun to brainstorm with KRNFX and actually dig into the process of where you want the music to go...

I'm all about experimentation to try and find better blends, and savored every moment of this artistic and unique mix. A big triple-rainbow salute of creative talent goes out to Mike Song and KRNFX from all of us here at The Feed! And if you'd like to check out more of their work, you can visit Mike Song's YouTube page by clicking here or KRNFX's YouTube by clicking here.