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Dance Central 2 video game will get you groovin' with its impressive routines

Plucking up the courage to hit the dance floor can be difficult, but Dance Central 2 does an excellent job of getting you moving and shaking to some great tunes.

Its multiple difficulty levels and in-depth tutorials make things accessible for newcomers, while expertly choreographed routines and some frighteningly technical moves mean even pros can be challenged.

Dance Central 2 introduces simultaneous two-player competitions, letting you compete against a friend in exciting dance battles that are all accurately tracked by the Kinect.

Even if you don't bring a friend along, the new Crew Challenge career - complete with its wacky storyline - and sweat-inducing fitness playlists are excellent and keep you engrossed.

Part of Dance Central 2's fun is how easy it is to jump straight into a dance; you pick a song and mirror the actions of a dancer onscreen. Cue cards scroll along the right-hand side to show you upcoming moves, while the dancer's limbs light up red when there's a move you're not performing correctly.

The Kinect does an admirable job of tracking your movements so if you want to rack up some points, then you've got to put some real effort behind your dancing. Even if you perform poorly, it's impossible to fail out of song, but there are incentives for doing well.

Whether you're an experienced dancer, a Friday night rocker, or someone with two left feet, Dance Central 2 will delight you with a slick, well-presented dancing experience that no Kinect owner should be without.

"Dance Central 2" is available now for the Xbox 360. It is rated T for Teen by the ESRB.

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