"Dallas" returns with new villainy - and J.R., too

The cast of TNT's "Dallas."

(CBS/AP) The Ewings are back.

The famous feuding family is returning to TV in a new version of "Dallas," which debuts Wednesday on TNT with a two-hour episode beginning at 9 p.m. EDT.

Fans of the original landmark series, which ended its 14-season run in 1991, can expect to see some familiar faces. Larry Hagman will reprise his role as J.R., Linda Gray will again portray Sue Ellen and Patrick Duffy returns as Bobby.

But this "Dallas" will focus on the next generation of Ewings - John Ross Ewing (Josh Henderson), the son of J.R. and Sue Ellen, and Bobby's son Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe).

As the 10-episode series begins, Bobby is preparing to sell Southfork to a conservancy that would guarantee the ranch's vast, pristine acreage can never be despoiled by oil rigs. Little does Bobby suspect that his nephew, John Ross, is already drilling Southfork land on the sly.

Across town, J.R., who since we last saw him lost Ewing Oil and much of his fortune, resides in near-catatonic gloom at a retirement facility. But never fear: News that Southfork is about to be sold jolts J.R. back to gleeful, vengeful life.

The new series lovingly honors its grand heritage, including the proud theme music and opening titles, with their shifting panels of updated Texas imagery. But the new show acknowledges the passage of time, folding in contemporary plot lines like the push by Bobby's son Christopher to profit big from renewable energy - which, of course, is heresy to J.R. and John Ross, whose veins flow with oil.

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