Dads doing awesome things to impress their kids

(CBS News) The back from vacation fun continues on with this post dedicated to the real superheroes in many a child's life: dads! We'll kick off this dedication to fatherhood with a very special reunion between a 5-year-old boy and his military dad who has been away for over a year. Get the Kleenex ready, people. 

Awwwwww... the Force is strong with this family! The very endearing Star Wars-themed birthday surprise was posted by Marcelle Furrow-Kiebler who writes:

A long time ago a dad left for a place far, far away...

Episode VII


Col. Rob Kiebler has been training and on a tour of duty in Afghanistan for over 14 months with the US Air Force. In The Land of Portland, Oregon he left behind a wise wife and a young son by the name of Danny. The only force in Danny's life that compares to his love for his parents is his love for Star Wars. Now, unbeknownst to him, great powers have aligned in Danny's galaxy. His two favorite forces are about to coexist for one epic event. Danny's father has returned to The Land of Portland and has some new companions to help him find his way back to Danny.

And next up, we prove that fathers are never too old to flex their muscles to impress even adult-aged kids. Check out this dad benching 300 pounds on his 60th birthday, and instantly feel the need to hit the gym. With no offense meant to Batman or The Avengers, these are two great videos that prove dads can definitely make the best superheroes of all!