Dad uses drone to pull son's tooth, this week on The Feed

This week's most popular viral videos feature a game of golf that turns into a game of dodgeball, natural predators eating GoPro cameras, a soon-to-be military man setting his hair on fire, Malcolm Swam performing a quadcopter dental procedure on his 8-year-old son, girls having trouble tossing trash and a high-five helmet cam.

First up, Jason Hughes posted this quick and hilarious video of 2-year-old Carson practicing his golf swing.

In the next clip, 강정규 Jungkyu Kang needs to get rid of his hair before joining the military, so he does what any reasonable person who do -- lets his friends set it on fire.

Andrew Maxwell-Parish created his own specialized helmet cam to share video of him high-fiving complete strangers from a unique perspective.

Then, Malcolm Swan of Dublin, Ireland, creates an innovative bonding moment with his eight-year-old son Adam by yanking out his tooth with a drone.

How many girls does it take to throw one bag of trash into a dumpster? GTForTheWin captured this video of the answer.

And, it appears some rather intimidating animals have a taste for GoPro cameras - as seen in the two videos below. An American crocodile from Chris Madden, and a family of Alaskan grizzlies shot by Brad Josephs and posted by GoPro.

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