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Dad, son catch shark, and it's caught on tape

A father and son who went fishing in the Gulf of Mexico got quite a surprise.

Kevin Stevens and his 9-year old son, Hunter, were alone in a kayak about a quarter mile off Galveston Island.

After three hours on the water in the heat, they were about to call it a day when Kevin felt a bite.

He struggled for an hour, reeling in what turned out to be a black tip shark.

Stevens estimates the shark was six- to seven-feet long. The kayak they were in was only 12 feet.

But it wasn't too close for comfort for Hunter.

The whole time, he manned the video camera,

He admits he was concerned the shark might tip the kayak, but that didn't happen.

After getting some good pictures, they agreed it was time to cut the shark loose.

Hunter wants to be a marine biologist when he grows up, and his father takes him fishing all the time.

Jeff Glor had the story, and the video, on "The Early Show."