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Cub Scouts Get A Campaign Plane Tour From Biden

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

(TALLAHASSEE, FLA.) - Joe Biden delayed his campaign plane's takeoff time this afternoon to spend some time with a group of Cub Scouts showed up at the airport to see him off.

Like a grandfather on Thanksgiving, Biden rounded up the children for some photographs outside a private airport in Tallahassee where his plane and the press were waiting to fly to Gainesville.

Most of the scouts were 7 and 8 years old, dressed in blue uniforms with orange bandanas around their necks. Some wore red plastic firemen hats.

"How do you want to do this?" Biden asked a photographer as held holding a young scout in his arms.

"Everybody gather around me here now. Everybody come around. Come on, let's all get in this picture. This will be pretty cool man. You gotta look at the camera."

Biden squeezed the kids in tight around him and smiled as cameras flashed.

"You guys are so nice. Now what are you guys doing today?"

"We looked at a fire station and…and now we're going to go look at the plane," said a small boy, pointing across the runway.

"Oh man…you're gonna look at a plane? Well I don't know, maybe you can come over and look at our plane," said Biden.

Another child looked at Biden and said, "I saw a jet landed and then a plane started to fly."

"You're kidding me! Have you ever seen a big plane before, up close?"

Another said he saw smoke coming from one of the jets.

"Smoke was coming up? Whoa! I didn't know that, man. You guys wanna come and see my plane?"

"Yeah!" they shouted.

"Is it okay?" Biden asked one of his staffers. "Well come on! I have to meet some firefighters first."

After shaking hands with a couple locals, Biden and his wife Jill, dressed in a bright blue dress, took the scouts' hands and led the troop across the tarmac like a gaggle of geese.

"My name's John Paul!" one boy said to Biden.

"Hey John Paul, how are you? My name's Joe, but I already told you that."

"Yeah, Joe Biden."

"I heard of you on TV," says another.

"No kidding!"

"You're Barack Obama…running mate."

"Yeah, I'm Barack Obama's running mate. Come on, we're gonna go over here. We'll take you inside and show you, okay? I'm gonna get in trouble, but come on."

Joe and Jill waved the kids on to the stairs and climb up behind them. One of the parents cried out "how wonderful!"

Inside the coach section, Biden pointed out different parts of the plane and pointed up to first class where he sits during the flights.

"I'm gonna show you where the pilot is."

Heading to the cockpit, Biden let the children go one by one inside to see the control of the Sun Country 737 jet.

"Okay, next guy…Let's get the next guy in so everybody gets in."

"Is that your snacks?" asked a scout, pointing a basket of candy and potato chips.

"That's our snacks," said Biden. "You can sneak one if you want," he whispered.

Almost instantly, the children forgot the cockpit and started to clamor for treats.

"Tootsie Rolls? Everybody got one?" asked Biden, leading back down the steps to say goodbye. "Okay, let's go!"

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