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CS Debate: Guns and Booze, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

NEW YORK (CBS) The Arizona Star is reporting that the Republican-led Arizona State Senate thinks alcohol and firearms are a pretty good mix.

Last week they passed Senate Bill 1113, which would loosen Arizona's firearm laws to allow patrons to carry their concealed weapons into establishments that serve alcohol.

What could possibly go wrong?

Some bar owners are afraid that it would drive off the tourist trade – as travelers might seek cover in states where shootouts seem less likely.

Al McCarthy, owner of Duke's Sports Bar & Grill in Scottsdale, told the Star, "This is going back to the Wyatt Earp days of the Wild, Wild West."

Supporters point out that under the law, which still has to pass the State House of Representatives, owners would be entitled to post signs prohibiting guns in their individual establishments. Also, gun carriers would not be allowed to imbibe, under penalty of a potential $300 fine.

The debate is the usual cocktail of the right to bear arms and public safety – with a twist of the pursuit of happiness thrown in for good measure.

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