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Cryptocurrency promoter rains money on poor neighborhood

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Money may not grow on trees, but it can fall like rain from the sky. At least that's what a Hong Kong cryptocurrency promoter would reportedly have folks believe, thanks to a videotaped stunt making the rounds on social media.

The video shows a man in a black hoodie saying: "Today, December 15, is FCC's big day in announcing the trading race. I hope everyone here will pay attention to this important event … [I] don't know whether any of you will believe money can fall from the sky."

The camera then veers up to show banknotes cascading down from a building, sending bystanders in one of Hong Kong's poorest neighborhoods into a frenzy.

Bank notes falling from sky. Seeing is believing

Posted by Chong Chee Choon on Monday, December 17, 2018

According to the South China Morning Post, the man shown in the video is thought to be Wong Ching-kit, the owner of Epoch Cryptocurrency, a Facebook page that promotes digital money. 

In a Facebook video posted shortly after Saturday's stunt, Wong claimed he was "robbing the rich to help the poor" but later said he had no idea how money could fall from the sky.

The South China Morning Post reported that police arrested a suspect for causing public disorder when he returned to the neighborhood in a luxury car on Sunday.

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