Creed Has "Overcome" for the Love of Rock

Creed's lead singer, Scott Stapp and guitarist, Mark Tremonti.
By Melissa Castellanos

Creed's lead singer, Scott Stapp, may have been to hell and back, battling his inner demons with drugs and alcohol. Now clean, humble and with a new lease on life, he says some of his prayers have been answered.

"A lot of that (drug and alcohol abuse) has been mischaracterized and a lot of it is truth. I think when you are facing struggles like that for whatever reason, it can take you to the end or you can come through that better," said Stapp.

He credits his recovery to his wife, Jaclyn, two children, Jagger and Milan, as well as his faith and friendships.

And witrh recovery has come a reunuion of the rock band, made up of Stapp (lead vocals), Mark Tremonti (guitar), Scott Phillips (drums) and Brian Marshall (bass). Creed has just finished a U.S. tour and released a new album, "Full Circle," on Oct. 27.

The album, which was No. 1 on i-Tunes, marks the first new material for Creed since its release of "Weathered" in 2001.

"The fans came out in force," Tremonti said.

"For 40-plus shows, we've had a chance to travel around the United States and reconnect and reintroduce our brand of rock n' roll," Stapp said. "'Full Circle' I think is the proper title for what has happened with us and within the music."

According to Stapp, the guitar riffs and solos on "Full Circle" are "an added melodic commentary to the songs," which is a little harder with more "vigor and passion."

With three multi-platinum albums under their belt, Creed is taking its re-ignited success in stride. (The band's popularity somewhat backfired in the past.)

"It's (overexposure) something that is a blessing and in some regards it can be the end for a band," Stapp said.

Now more in tune with how tough the music business can be, Creed has recognized the importance of being there for fans.

"We don't ever want to give that (touring) up," Tremonti said. "We know that it's just going to be a constant fight, but it's the good fight for us and that's what we love to do. It keeps you humbled when you see the chance of ever loosing that."

The road to redemption isn't always easy, but when Stapp and Tremonti reconnected, their creative juices began flowing and it reminded them of their youth. The two were old high school and college buddies from Florida State University.

Creed's hit single, "Overcome" off the new album has a lot of meaning for the band.

"I think that when Mark and I were free-styling and jamming and creating this record, I think it was a theme that we both were feeling in our subconscious," Stapp explained.

"And after elaborating and thinking about it even more and as human beings we are entitled to make a change in our lives and to overcome obstacles and to strive and keep believing and never giving up on hope and your dreams. It's rare in life to get a second chance to make a first impression."

Creed released "My Own Prison" in 1997, "Human Clay" in 1999, "Weathered" in 2001 and a "Greatest Hits" album in 2004.

The band broke up in 2004 and Stapp began recording his debut solo album, "The Great Divide." The other band members (including former bassist Brian Marshall) formed a new band, Alter Bridge, with Myles Kennedy.