Creating some musical beats out of bicycle parts

(CBS News) We've seen the creation of music and beats from very unlikely locations here at The Feed. Just a bit earlier we saw it come from the beloved childrens' show "Mister Rogers". In the past we've seen composer Diego Stocco utilize a lot of unconventional musical means. And now we've got a new medium for our music in the form of - wait for it - bicycle parts! Check it out. 

I found myself mesmerized by the colorful bicycle wheel while watching.  How about you?  And, okay, so maybe "music" isn't the term to use for this particular video, but "beats" definitely fits. Right?

The Vimeo video entitled "Bicycle Sounds" (which does fit the best of all, actually) was created by Stephen Meierding, who has an array of pretty fascinating and creative videos just like this one.  To check out more of his work, you can click here to go to his Vimeo page.