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Create Specialized RSS Feeds with Ingboo to Track News, Clear Yourself of Crimes

If you're a fugitive from the law, falsely accused of a crime that you know was committed by a one-armed man, you can play a game of cat and mouse with the authorities while you search small towns across America for the real culprit. Or you could configure Ingboo to notify you about news and Web sites that match keywords to help you solve the crime.

Ingboo, which launched just last week, is an information tracking service not unlike a really smart RSS feeder. After creating an account, you just enter keywords in Ingboo's search engine to configure the data the service will track for you. The site automatically matches your search to appropriate sites to track -- search for a popular news item like "swine flu," for example, and you can let Ingboo track Twitter, BBC News, and Google for updates. The actual updates appear on your Ingboo Web page, and you can control what time of day they're e-mailed to you (if at all -- you can also disable email notifications).

Ingboo has an elegant interface and I like the control the site gives me over e-mail notifications, but Trackle, which I covered a few weeks ago, has a much broader selection of news sources and categories. It's got my vote for now, at least until Ingboo one-ups the competition.

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