Create Categorized To-Dos with Doris

Ah, the thrill of checking off a completed task! It's the working world equivalent of bowling a perfect game or landing a triple axle. If you're on the hunt for just that sort of rush, then take a look at Doris, one of the newest free Web services designed to help you organize your daily to-dos.

Doris wins my heart because of its elegant design. Unlike Remember the Milk, which I find a little too complicated just to create and execute a set of to-dos, Doris is the very picture of simplicity. Even so, it has something I find essential in a task organizer: The ability to divide my tasks into groups. To begin with, you get a group for Today and Tomorrow, and you can start adding to-dos to either of them. But you can easily add new groups for any job or project, and drag and drop tasks between groups or within a group to prioritize them accordingly.

It looks like Doris might add support for teams and task sharing in the future, but for now it's a finely honed task organizer that deserves a spot in your browser's bookmarks. [via AppScout]