Cover of Busta Rhymes' "Look At Me Now" verse with a violin, pool table and three-part harmony

(CBS) - A remix of Busta Rhymes' insane verse on "Look At Me Now" incorporating a violin, a pool table and three-part harmony? Yes, indeed - you've got to check this one out!

Artist Pat Noonan writes:

I've been a big fan of Busta Rhymes for many years and for good reason, he's consistently put out quality tracks for so many years, not to mention he's hilarious!

Noonan is definitely thinking outside of the box with this extremely unique and cool cover of an artist I happen to also love and admire. Props to Noonan on this homage to a great musician that gets a salute from us here at The Feed!  And be sure to check out more of Pat Noonan's work by clicking HERE.