Courtney Delano, Pregnant Teen, Murdered by Boyfriend Days After Probation for Assault, Say Cops

Courtney Delano (Personal Photo)

PORTAGE, Mich. (CBS/AP)  Courtney Marie Delano, a 19-year-old who was six months pregnant, was killed in a shooting at a Portage apartment complex Saturday, and investigators believe her boyfriend, who had been ordered to stay away from Delano, is the killer.

PICTURES: Pregnant Teen Courtney Delano Murdered

The young woman's unborn child also did not survive.

Delano's boyfriend Rollon Marko found

Rollon Marko (WWMT)

himself back in court just three days after he got out of jail for assaulting a police officer and for domestic violence in an incident against Delano in April, reports CBS affiliate WWMT.

Now Marko, who's 26, is facing charges of open murder, assault on a pregnant person causing still birth or miscarriage, and two counts of felony with a firearm.

PICTURES: Pregnant Teen Courtney Delano Murdered

After hearing the charges against, Marko told the judge, "I thought I was being charged with involuntary manslaughter," says WWMT.

Bond was denied, the station says.

Delano's mother, Daniell Reynolds, told WWMT the couple had a history of violence, saying, "You just don't have accidents that leave that many marks, that size, that color, that much, that often."

Courtney Delano had a personal protection order against Marko, but it was dropped on Friday when Marko was given probation for the assault on the police officer, reported WWMT.

Marko has a criminal record including driving violations, minor in possession of alcohol, trespassing, retail fraud and larceny.

He is due back in court on June 2nd.


PICTURES: Pregnant Teen Courtney Delano Murdered