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Couple Unaware Plane Had Been Hijacked

They were hijacked on their honeymoon. The good news: They didn't know it.

Newlyweds Bryant Jaquez and Hillary Shiplet said on "The Early Show" Thursday that they had no idea their return AeroMexico flight from Cancun was hijacked until after learning of the news from family.

Jaquez said announcements on the plane repeatedly assured passengers, even as federal officers swarmed outside the aircraft.

"We were thinking they were doing a drug search, maybe they were searching people's bags, but they didn't tell us anything," he said.

Shiplet added officers didn't come on the plane until passengers were ushered off the plane. All 103 passengers aboard AeroMexico Flight 576 were released unharmed.

A Bolivian religious fanatic was reportedly at the center of the hijacking. He allegedly said a juice can with small lights attached was a bomb.

Jaquez and Shiplet said they didn't know anything was amiss. However, in hindsight, Jaquez said when more than two or three passengers stood to go to the restroom or get baggage they were told to sit down. He added the landing was also very fast.

"They just came in to the runway faster than I've ever seen a plane come in to a runway before," he said.

To watch more of the interview with Jaquez and Shiplet, click on the video below.

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