Could you live on one dollar a day?

dollar a day preview
dollar a day preview

(CBS News) Zach Ingrasci and Chris Temple were students of developing economics at Southern California's Claremont McKenna University when they learned that 1.1 billion people worldwide live in extreme poverty, subsisting on just one dollar a day. 

Seeking to better understand those grim financial realities, they set off for rural Guatemala to live as farmers on one dollar a day, for 56 days. 

With two camera-savvy friends along for the trip, they captured their experiment and produced a documentary, "Living on One Dollar." Today, the two of them are back from Guatemala and living on a converted school bus, screening their documentary around the U.S. in theaters and on college campuses.

To watch Ingasci and Temple grapple with hunger, sickness, and doubts about their journey, watch the video above and visit for more on the film tour and the group's effort to address global poverty.