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Could Palin Be on the Radio?

(AP Photo )
Although Sarah Palin resigned with "absolutely no plans" concerning her future, Inside Radio reports that the former Alaska governor may have set her sights on a radio show.

Sources say that Palin representatives have been testing syndicators' interest, although she hasn't made any commitments.

Allahpundit says on the conservative blog Hot Air that a Palin radio show could be successful.

"A live show, especially if she took calls, would be … mind-boggling, and riveting. I'd honestly pay to listen," Allahpundit says.

While Inside Radio calls Palin's potential move an "ironic twist" in reference to Palin's media battles, Kerry Gold of The Atlantic says that this move would be a "typical Palin operation."

"While it is difficult to imagine Palin succeeding across airwaves given that her speaking style--some call it incoherence--draws much criticism, a national radio show could serve as a potent platform for spreading her views and realizing her resignation-speech mission of effecting 'positive change outside government,'" Gold said.

Although Allahpundit is in favor of a Palin broadcast, they say, "The one downside of a live show: Lots of 'whinin ' about the media. Lots."