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Cory Booker "has no chance" in 2020, Trump tells CBS News

Trump tells CBS News that Booker “has no chance”
President Trump tells CBS News’ Margaret Brennan that Cory Booker “has no chance” 00:23

President Trump said Democratic Senator Cory Booker, who just announced he's running for president, has "no chance" in the 2020 election, in an exclusive interview with CBS News "Face the Nation" host Margaret Brennan. 

"I say no chance," Mr. Trump said of Booker, who announced his campaign on Friday. When asked why, Mr. Trump replied: "Because I know him. He has no chance."

However, the president also told Brennan that he has not seen any candidates so far who are possible threats.

"So far, I don't see anybody. I don't — I'm not impressed with their group," Mr. Trump said.

The interview took place Friday afternoon in the Blue Room at the White House. 

Brennan's interview with the president comes just before his first State of the Union address to a divided government, and two weeks before government funding for several federal departments and agencies runs out on Feb. 15. The president continues to insist on funding for his border wall and has threatened to declare a national emergency at the border, which would give him the unilateral authority to use military funds to build a wall without a congressional appropriation.

For nearly two decades, presidents have sat for interviews ahead of the Super Bowl. CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz first interviewed then-President George W. Bush before the Super Bowl kicked off in 2004.

This was the president's fifth on-camera interview with CBS News since he took office in January 2017. 

More of the interview will air on "Face the Nation" Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m., and before the Super Bowl Sunday at 3:30 p.m. 

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