Corpus Christi church burglar leaves apology note: "Forgive me"

Whoever broke into the Shore Christian Church in Corpus Christi last week left behind a note that read: "Forgive me"
(CBS/AP) CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas - Whoever broken into a South Texas church and stole about $20 has at least some remorse, based on the note left behind that read: "Forgive me. I need the money."

No arrests have been made in the break-in discovered Thursday at South Shore Christian Church in Corpus Christi.

Church secretary Iris Cantu said Friday that cleanup of a broken door had been completed. She also said whoever committed the crime "had very good manners, I'll give him that."

"Its just a shame that they had to break into church to get money," said Abraham Pruneda, a church member who discovered the break-in, according to CBS affiliate KZTV.

"They hardly keep money in the office," explained Pruneda, "but they found some change because there's change all over on the floor in the other office."

Pruneda told KZTV he's upset someone was so desperate they felt driven to steal.

"To rob a church, I think, its pretty bad," he said, "all we can do is just forgive them, pray for them."

Corpus Christi police said the investigation was in its early stages.