Cops question father's story about missing Detroit toddler Bianca Jones

Bianca Jones
CBS Detroit
Bianca Jones
CBS Detroit

(CBS/AP) DETROIT - Police in Detroit are seeking volunteers to help search for 2-year-old Bianca Jones who has been missing since Friday. They are also looking more closely at the story her father is telling about her disappearance.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Jones' father, D'Andre Lane, told police that that Bianca was in the car with him around 9:45 a.m. Friday. He said said he encountered two men who told him he had a problem with his taillight, and when he got out to look, they stole the car - with the child still strapped in the seat.

The car was later found.

However, police are now questioning Lane's version of events. He was in custody on unrelated charges Saturday.

Chief Ralph Godbee said that "the authenticity and credibility of the original version of events" are "under intense scrutiny" from detectives.

Meanwhile, Bianca's uncle, Gerry Weaver, Jr., told the Detroit Free Press that the girl's disappearance has torn the family apart.

"Everything is confusing and cloudy," said Weaver, describing Lane as a longstanding member of the family. "Half of the family believes Dre, and the other half have their doubts."

The Free Press also reports that Lane spend time behind bars after being arrested in 2003 on gun and drug-related charges.

Weaver told the paper that Lane was "trying to straighten out his legal problems and arrange his life so he could spend more time with Bianca."

CBS Detroit reports that a $17,500 reward is being offering for information leading to the girl's whereabouts.