Cops: NY couple killed man, jumped from bridge

Gary Crockett, left, and Nicki Hunt.
Suffern Police Department via CBS New York

SUFFERN, N.Y. - Police believe a suburban New York woman and her boyfriend killed her uncle before they jumped to their deaths on Monday.

Suffern Police Chief Clarke Osborn said Wednesday that a financial dispute appeared to be the motive for the killing of 70-year-old William Valenti.

The chief says that after detectives learned about the killing, they heard about a couple who had jumped off the George Washington Bridge.

The pair carried no identification, but Osborn identified them as 40-year-old Nicki Hunt and 41-year-old Gary Crockett. Hunt and Crockett had been living with Valenti.

The chief says the couple had withdrawn over $1,000 from Valenti's accounts and that they left a note hinting they might harm themselves.

CBS New York reports police say a medical examiner has ruled Valenti's death a homicide and said he died from asphyxiation.

Both Hunt and Crockett had previous criminal records. Hunt had been charged in Orange County for grand larceny and forgery, while Crockett was previously charged with possession of narcotics, police said.