Cops: Colo. robber targets people picking up prescriptions

DENVER -- A robber in the Denver area is said to be using small talk to target people who are getting their prescriptions filled, reports CBS Denver.

Aurora police say that the suspect, which has been spotted on five different surveillance tapes, can be seen lurking in the pharmacy waiting area. He appears to be listening to a customer collect their prescription drugs or striking up conversations with customers who appear to have visible injuries.

He then often follows them into the parking lot, where he steals their prescriptions. Police told reporters that in one case, the customer was pushed.

Pharmacy customers told the station Sunday that they were surprised that someone could do such a thing.

"I would expect maybe credit card fraud and stuff like that through the switches inside, but I wouldn't expect being accosted out in the parking lot," Scott Daly, a customer, told CBS Denver.

The suspect has struck at least five different pharmacies this month, and in all of the surveillance photos, he is hiding his face behind sunglasses.

Police are asking for information and Crime Stoppers is offering a $2,000 reward in the case, according to the station.