Cooking apps for beginners and expert chefs

You don’t have to be a celebrity chef like Julia Child to whip up a great meal. These apps can help anyone who needs a few cooking tips.

An app called All the Cooks is a social cooking app, filled with user-submitted recipes. Review recipes, create shopping lists, and when your dish is done, you can even upload a photo for other users to see. This free app is available the Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store – it’s even available on Google Glass.

Yummly is an app that scours the Web for recipes from a variety of blogs and websites. Users can set taste preferences and filters, like vegan or sulfite-free. The coolest feature is the ability to create a shopping list with just one touch of a button. The app is free at the Apple App Store.

Are you more of a visual learner? An app called Cookbooth is a social network that features pictures of each step of the process of making a dish. People can like recipes and leave comments. Follow your favorite chefs to get a feed of their recipes. The App is free at the Apple App Store.

Not every cook knows the basics. If you’re the type of chef that needs help boiling water can try downloading an app called How to Cook Everything. It’s a mobile version of the popular book. Along with thousands of recipes, there are tons of tips for beginners -- from how to wash and store knives to how to braise meat. The app will set you back $10, but it’s a bargain compared to the book.

With one of these apps on your smartphone, you’ll be a gourmet in no time.