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Conservative blogger Breitbart sees Sarah Palin jumping into White House race

Andrew Breitbart CBS

Conservative muckraker Andrew Breitbart said he believes former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will throw her hat in the ring for the Republican nomination for president.

"My guess is yes," Breitbart said when asked by CBS News Tuesday if he thought Palin would run.

Breitbart, who is featured prominently in the newly released movie on Palin's political rise, "The Undefeated," attended the film's world premiere in Pella, Iowa, where he was greeted by Palin with a hug.

While he explicitly said he was not endorsing Palin, he did describe himself as a "defender" of the polarizing politician.

"She represents something defiant and fearless and righteous and decent," he explained, and said the two hour pro-Palin movie "represents vindication" from her detractors.

But it's not just vindication from the so-called mainstream media. Breitbart called out "establishment Republicans," accusing them of sitting on the sidelines, "watching [Palin] be devoured because they don't want to see her succeed."

Palin, whose dedicated supporters desperately want to see join the race for the GOP nomination, told reporters at the film's premeire that she is still undecided as to whether she'd join the fray.

"It's a big decision to decide whether to run for office or not," Palin told reporters. "I'm still contemplating."

The television commentator later said there were "months and months" left before she felt she would have to make a final decision.

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