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Conrad: Obama Considering Ex-Military Leaders For VP

In picking his running mate, Barack Obama has said he intends to keep the process confidential and is "not gonna do it in the press." But it appears that someone forgot to send the memo to Kent Conrad.

After meeting with Obama's vice presidential vetting search committee on Tuesday, the North Dakota senator told the Associated Press that Obama is considering former top military leaders for the VP slot.

Conrad didn't get into specifics, saying that the Obama team had tossed around "many names" among current elected officials, former elected officials and former military leaders, according to the AP.

Meanwhile, at a press conference in St. Louis today, Obama said that the decision of who to select as his running mate ultimately rests with the candidate himself, reports CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic.

"They are giving me information and, then, I will then exercise judgment in terms of who I want to select as a VP candidates," Obama said.

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