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Congress's Labor-Driven Refusal To OK The Colombia Free Trade Pact Is Shameful

By Michael Barone, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

Yesterday I argued that the Obama administration has been disrespecting the leaders of Brazil and Mexico. For much more on what is going on in Latin America, please read Mario Loyola's article in National Review. He highlights the growing ties between Iran and Russia with the leaders of Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Nicaragua and the dangers they pose. All the more reason that the United States should cooperate with the constructive leaders of Brazil and Mexico, the two most populous countries in Latin America. And why it is shameful that Congress, at the behest of labor unions, refuses to ratify the free trade agreement with Colombia, the third-most-populous country in Latin America and one under attack from the authoritarian demagogue Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Let's show a little respect for our friends and neighbors!

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By Michael Barone

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