Patton Oswalt: Movies were taking over my life

Comedian, actor and author Patton Oswalt began entertaining audiences in the mid '90s. His humor has earned three Grammy nominations, and he could win next month for his stand-up performance on the album, "Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time."

His trademark short frame, distinctive voice and sharp sense of humor have made Oswalt one of Hollywood's most colorful and popular comedians, reports "CBS This Morning" co-host Charlie Rose.

He first came to TV as a store clerk in "Seinfeld." From there Oswalt went on to become a familiar face in "King of Queens," "Reno 91!" and "Two and A Half Men".

His talents also shine on the silver screen. Since 1996, Oswalt has appeared in more than 20 movies, from family-friendly animations like "Ratatouille" to darker territory as an obsessive football fanatic in "Big Fan" and as Charlize Theron's disabled friend and confidante in "Young Adult."

His new book, "Silver Screen Fiend: Learning About Life from an Addiction to Film," Oswalt talks about his addiction to film.

Through it all, he is always able to keep his sense of humor and the audience laughing.

Watch Oswalt's "CBS This Morning" interview to see how movies were taking over his life.