Colts players' shave heads in support of ailing coach

In this photo provided by the Indianapolis Colts, members of the Colts NFL team pose together in Indianapolis, Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012. The Colts are going to great lengths to support their ailing coach Chuck Pagano. In a show of support, many players shaved their heads after Tuesday's practice. Pagano lost his hair while undergoing treatment for leukemia.
AP Photo/Indianapolis Colts

(CBS News) The Indianapolis Colts are hard to ignore right now for their actions on and off the field.

The team, expected to pull up lame this season without veteran quarterback Peyton Manning, is, in a surprise turn, winning with a 5-3 record -- second place in their division and right in the playoff hunt.

But this week, it's what the team did off the field in support of their coach that's catching people's attention.

Luck joins Colts' hairless club, shaves head to show support for Pagano

Chuck Pagano, the team's first-year head coach, is fighting cancer. Pagano was diagnosed with leukemia shortly after getting the head coaching job. As the season kicked off, so did his chemotherapy treatments. Pagano lost his hair while undergoing treatment. So this week, dozens of players had their heads shaved to show support for their coach and Pagano addressed his players in an emotional locker room speech.

For now, Pagano's cancer is in remission.

James Brown, host of "The NFL Today," discussed the Colts' story on "CBS This Morning." Watch his full interview below.


Brown said on "CTM," "(This is) the best story in the National Football League so far this season. Look, that speech -- coaches give great locker room speeches -- that was from the heart. It was sincere and emotional and the team has been riding that very nicely throughout this season. Again, emotion does play an important part in sports and it can inspire you and fire you up for a short period of time. But more than that, this Indianapolis Colts team is one that's been put together nicely with a great group of guys who reflect character and integrity. What a great story this has been so far."

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