Colton Harris-Moore faces 16 new charges in "Barefoot Bandit" case

Colton Harris-Moore (CBS/48 Hours Mystery)
"Barefoot Bandit" Update: Colton Harris-Moore Faces Two More Charges, Says Report
Colton Harris-Moore
CBS/48 Hours Mystery

(CBS/AP) FRIDAY HARBOR, Wash. - Colton-Harris Moore, the Seattle teen known as the "Barefoot Bandit," is facing 16 new charges connected with the theft of an airplane and robbery of an airport hangar, in addition to his already lengthy list of more than 70 crimes across nine states.

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Harris-Moore, a self-taught pilot, is accused of leading authorities on several chases in stolen boats, cars and small planes after allegedly fleeing from a halfway house south of Seattle in 2008.

His stunts came to a halt nearly a year ago after he allegedly stole a plane in Indiana, crash landed it in the Bahamas and was ultimately captured by Bahamian officials following a high-speed boat chase.

The new charges were filed Tuesday as plea negotiations with Harris-Moore's attorneys progress.

The nimble 19-year-old is expected to reach plea deals by the end of this month that would resolve federal and state charges in several jurisdictions.

The new charging documents describe how authorities found bare footprints, fingerprints and DNA at many San Juan island locations in Washington State. They say the young man taunted one sheriff's deputy who chased him by calling out, "You can't catch me."

Harris-Moore earned the moniker "Barefoot Bandit" by reportedly committing some crimes in his bare feet, and he even fostered a small community on Facebook that seemed to idolize the wayward young man as a folk hero.

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