Colorado masseuse suspected of molesting, photographing 16-year-old female client

Steven Emerson Noble
Steven Emerson Noble was arrested on suspicion of inappropriate sexual touching of a massage client

(CBS) LAKEWOOD, Colo. - Police have arrested a Colorado man on suspicion of sexual touching of a 16-year-old female client at the massage school where he worked.

Steven Emerson Noble, 27, worked at the Colorado School of Healing Arts in Lakewood, reports CBS Denver.

The alleged incident occurred on Jan. 14 when the teenager and her mother went to the school, where they both received massages, police said in a statement. After the 16-year-old had her massage, she told her mother that Noble "inappropriately touched her intimate parts, exposed her upper body and (had) taken photographs of her while her upper body was exposed," according to the statement. 

The victim's mother called police, CBS Denver reports.

According to the arrest affidavit, the girl told police she heard a click of a camera while her face was covered with a towel, CBS Denver reports.

"I heard him playing with his phone because he was sitting behind my head ... I heard a camera, like the click of a camera," the girl told police.

After the session was finished the teen reportedly says Noble asked her, "Were you comfortable with everything? You didn't feel sexual at all, right?"

The executive director of the Colorado School of Healing Arts told CBS Denver that Noble was fired after the allegations came to light.

The District Attorney's Office has until Thursday, Feb. 2 to make a decision on filing charges against Noble, who appeared in court Friday.