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Colo. officials encourage coyote hazing to stop agressive behavior

BOULDER Recent encounters with aggressive coyotes has led Boulder authorities to advocate for coyote hazing.

The new plan will teach people how to treat coyotes and also calls for people to haze the animals when they see them, so they become afraid of humans.

"We're having people out on the trail that when they see a coyote they are making noise, they are screaming. Throwing a tennis ball," Valerie Matheson, city manager for the coyote management plan, said to CBS station KCNC in Denver, Colo.

There have been seven incidents with coyotes since last Christmas. No one has been hurt, but the large increase in encounters has officials worried.

"This is the most reports of aggressive behavior in an area we've ever had," Matheson said.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials began tracking coyotes in November 2012 by collaring dozens of the animals. They hope that by tracking them they can see how they react to humans since there isn't much research available on coyotes.

City officials say that lethal force against identified aggressor coyotes is still an option if they continue to terrorize residents despite hazing efforts.

For more on the coyote problem, watch KCNC's report:

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