College Senior Makes A Racket On The Court

She doesn't look like a college tennis player - or even like she belongs in a college at all, CBS News correspondent Sandra Hughes reports.

60-year-old Sheila Johnson is the new senior on Grand Canyon University's mostly freshman tennis team.

"I'm a competitor," Johnson said. "I've competed my whole life, so that part isn't any different."

Except she's playing against girls young enough to be her grandkids. Last time she was part of a college team it was 1968. She left a year early to student teach, but was always eligible to play one more year.

Forty years later, Johnson's private tennis instructor - also the Grand Canyon coach - needed one player for his fledgling team.

With one catch.

"It would have been a no-brainer if it was just the tennis," Johnson said.

But she's also really going to class.

"I am going to class!" she said. "This time around I'm studying recreation and health."

The team was skeptical.

"She walked on the court with us the first day I was there and I was like, 'what are you doing, what are you doing on our court?'" said doubles partner Stephanie Haldman. "She was like, 'I'm going to play.' I was like 'play what?'"

Then she hit a ball. What did the teammates think?

"Oh my gosh, she just screamed it past me and I looked and I was like - are you serious right now?" said teammate Amanda Jackson.

Johnson convinced her own team she's competitive, but when the Grand Canyon Antelopes walk on the court to face a new team, jaws usually drop.

"It was a bit like, 'wow, 60-year-olds could still play tennis!'" said opponent Krishana DeSilva.

Life as a co-ed has taken time away from her family, but it's paid off.

She helped turn the team upside down from 1 and 14 last year - to a winning season now.

"They see her win with her thinking, with her tactics, with her placement. So it's been invaluable," said coach Greg Prudhomme.

"On the court, we're all tennis players. Age doesn't matter at all," Johnson said.

Proving you shouldn't judge a racket by its cover.