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Cocaine-Filled Chocolate Truffles, What A Lovely Smuggling Idea! Man Charged in "Sweet" Drug Scheme

Sweets seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. (CBP)

NEW YORK (CBS) A Connecticut man re-entering the U.S. on a flight from Medellin, Columbia is in a whole lot of trouble for his truffles, which authorities say were chock full of cocaine -- street value, $500,000.

Is he part of the Medellin chocolate cartel?

A news release from U.S. Customs and Border Protection says Robert Lopera was arrested May 11 at New York's JFK Airport for attempting to smuggle 15 pounds of cocaine, some of which was hidden in knock-off Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls, and the rest in pistachio shells.

Lopera couldn't get this seemingly nutty scheme past federal agents, who had selected him for a closer inspection. He handed over two bags to the agents who noticed "the chocolates and pistachios were unusually heavy."

Authorities say a closer look revealed it was all that cocaine that was weighing down the snacks.

Lopera, who is reportedly unemployed, managed to pay cash for a one-was ticket from Medellin to New York.

Officials say he awaits federal prosecution and could face significant jail time if found guilty.

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