Clive Owen on "Intruders" and playing Hemingway

Actor Clive Owen on the set of "CBS This Morning"
CBS News

(CBS News) British actor Clive Owen made his movie debut back in 1988, and he's had a busy and successful career on stage and screen ever since.

In his latest feature film, "Intruders," he plays a father trying to protect his family from a mysterious visitor who invades their home.

"It's not like a standard, generic horror film," he said. "It's much more stranger and more interesting. It's about how parents pass on their fears to their children."

Owen is also starring as Ernest Heminway in the HBO films' "Hemingway and Gellhorn" -- the story of the relationship between the writer and his third wife, journalist and author Martha Gellhorn. The film covers the couple's passionate affair and tumultuous marriage as it follows the writers through the Spanish Civil War.

The film uses original documentary footage of the war and blends shots of Owen and his costar, Nicole Kidman.

"Now, the technology is so advanced, that if there is a gap in the frame, we can be... put into it," Owen said. "So, we can be in a square in Madrid, running with everybody else and it looks seamless."

How did Owen get inside the role of Hemingway? Lots of reading, for starters.

"I literally read everything he ever wrote, everything about him," he said. "I went to Cuba and visited his house there. I did the tour of 'Hemingway's Paris'... You just have to put everything in and then you just step off and play the role."

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