Clive Owen On Bringing Down The Bank

In the new thriller "The International," British actor Clive Owen plays a frustrated Interpol agent trying to bring down a corrupt global bank.

"Is it based roughly on a true story?" asked Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.

"It was a very well researched, well-informed script. It's very much sort of taken -- the inspiration is taken from those '70s political paranoid thrillers. It was very much about how far-reaching these huge banks' power is. And added to that is a big, sweeping international thriller," Owen said.

Although Owen may appear to be his "usual low-key" self, he is so intense on screen, according to Smith.

"I think that this guy's obsession is kind of what drives the movie. From the very first time you see him, he's totally obsessed, passionate, angry, about bringing this huge bank down," he said.

There is also an impressive 14-minute chase scene that is shot in the Guggenheim Museum.

Smith had spoken with Owen's co-star, Naomi Watts, and it seemed to Smith that all of his co-stars are crazy about him.

"I'm crazy about them," Owen replied.

"It's as simple as that. How do you account for that? Are you just that nice and charming?" Smith asked.

"No. I've been very lucky. I've worked with some amazing actresses and I have always had a very good time," Owen said.

According to Smith, there was a big piece in The New York Times about Julia Roberts and she says the reason she has almost come out of retirement is due to doing a Tony Gilroy movie with Owen.

Roberts stars in "Duplicity" with Owen, which will be released in theaters March 20.

"We got on very well. I really adore her. This was a fantastic script. Amazing dialog and we've got some really fantastic scenes together," Owen said.

Smith pointed out that "Children of Men," which starred Owen, should have received an Academy Award.

Speaking of the upcoming Academy Awards (Feb. 22), Owen has his favorite film picked out.

"I, along with a lot of people, love 'Slumdog Millionaire,' but I think there were some really great movies this year," Owen said.