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Clinton's Supporters Cheer Secretary Of State Selection

This story was written by James Fleming, Columbia Daily Spectator

Columbia students and politicians fromSen. Hillary Clintons (D-N.Y.) home base of New York embracedPresident-elect Barack Obamas decision to name her as his Secretary ofState, an appointment which he announced Monday in Chicago.

The nomination of Clinton signals a change from what manyAmericans view as the Bush administrations failed foreign policy. Itsends a message that the next four years will be very different thanthe last eight, Democratic leader of the 69th district Cynthia Dotysaid. It is a commitment to restoring Americas image across theworld.Students also noted the importance of President-elect Obamasappointment. It shows that [Obama] is ready to change Bush foreignpolicy, said former Friends of Hillary intern Maddy Joseph, CC 12.The last few years, diplomacy was sidelined.

Joseph stressed Clintons political experience, which she believeswill be an asset for U.S. communication with foreign dignitaries andleaders. Hillary proved herself as the candidate who best knew policyduring the primaries, which works well in one-on-one conversations,she said.

She dismissed the idea that the heated primary battle betweenPresident-elect Obama and Clinton would leave residual feelingsof hostility. In making the decision to be secretary of state,[Clinton] put aside her ambitions, Joseph said. She is very focusedon the task at hand.

Doty agreed, asserting that Obama and his team have worked hard to bring people together.

Both Joseph and Doty lamented Clintons departure from what theydescribed as an extremely successful Senate career. Hillary Clintonhad a lot to achieve in the Senate, Joseph said. She was a veryeffective senator.

Yet Doty said that Clintons legislative credentials will only makeher a more capable cabinet member. As our New York senator, she isvery tuned into terrorism, she said. I think she can fulfill more ofa role quicker as secretary of state. Clinton doesnt want to sit onthe sidelines.

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