Clinton's Strapped Campaign Pleads For More Donations

A day after Bill and Hillary Clinton urged supporters in E-mails to pony up $3 million by the end of the donation reporting quarter, the New York senator, strapped for cash, is continuing her appeals for money. In E-mails and letters just landing in mailboxes around the nation, Clinton is imploring supporters to show that she still has enough money and backing to continue her delegate fight against Sen. Barack Obama to the convention in Denver in August. As you can see in this short letter to her large (heck, I'm on it) mailing list, supporters are being urged to help her fight off Obama in Pennsylvania. "We need to match the Obama campaign's effort in Pennsylvania," she writes. The letter is the latest signal that Clinton is in deep financial trouble in Pennsylvania, where she is being outspent by Obama. "The speed and energy with which we take advantage of our regained momentum is up to you. Thank you for being there for me. When I'm in the White House, I promise to be there for you every day," she closes.

By Paul Bedard