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Clinton Wants Energy-Saving Homes

Between appearances Monday at Democratic fund-raising events in Los Angeles and Chicago, President Clinton was announcing a building industry initiative that would speed up the use of enery-saving technologies in homes.

The President is also scheduled to visit a site that is the largest mass transit-based housing development in southern California. Called Village Green, the project will offer 186 single-family homes to first-time buyers on a 26-acre site adjacent to a commuter train station.

Aides to the president said in advance of his announcement that the administration wants to encourage the building industry to work with government at the federal, state, and local levels to make more use of energy-saving building materials, household appliances, and heating and cooling systems.

The idea is to reduce the burning of energy-producing fossil fuels, thereby limiting emissions of carbon dioxide, which is the principal greenhouse gas that many scientists say is threatening to cause a warming of the earth.

On a four-day West Coast trip built mainly around a weekend of private time with his daughter Chelsea, who is a freshman at Stanford University, Clinton attended several fund-raisers, including a Sunday night dinner that took in $1.1 million.

This morning the president was attending a breakfast to raise money for opponents of a measure on California's June 2 ballot that would require unions to get the permission of their members before using dues for political purposes.

Clinton is siding with labor in opposing the measure.

Later Monday the president was flying to Chicago for a Democratic National Committee fund-raiser.

At both of the fundraisers he attended Sunday in Los Angeles, Clinton lamented the acrimony in Washington over issues such as tobacco and other legislative priorities.

"I'm going to do my best to get these big, big things taken care of for you in the last two years of my presidency," he said at a dinner at the luxurious Brentwood home of real estate and insurance magnate Eli Broad.

The dinner raised $1.1 million for Democratic congressional candidates.

It was the third time in back-to-back fund-raising appearances that Clinton alluded to the partisan battles that have set back his education, child care, and health proposals in Congress.

Clinton also headlined a fund-raiser at the Westwood Marquis Hotel for Rep. Loretta Sanchez from Orange County.

On Sunday morning in Palo Alto, the president and his wife, Hillary, attended services at Stanford Memorial Church with Chelsea. A young man sat with the Clintons in the first pew, beside Chelsea.

Mrs. Clinton's press secretary, Marsha Berry, told reporters she had no information about the young man, who also joined the Clintons for lunch at the MacArthur Park restaurant in Palo Alto. The New York Daily News reported in its Monday edition that the man was Matthew Pierce, a religius studies major at Stanford from Texas.

By Robert Burns