Clinton vs. Obama -- Who Better Engages 'Customers'?

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama treat their supporters differently. Clinton considers her backers as "customers" while Obama sees his supporters as "members", says consultant John Sviokla on a new post on Harvard Business.

The difference? "When you give money to Clinton's campaign, you get a confirmation. When you give money to Obama's, they automatically create a personalized membership location for you which looks a lot like a Facebook page," says Sviokla.

What Barack's online team understands and Hillary's does not, is that engagement -- not just money -- is how you win in this new peer-to-peer, attention-scarce, content-overloaded media melee of the Web -- and money follows.

Is this why Obama has captured the youth vote in early primaries? Is your company making the same mistake by not recognizing generational differents in your customers? Read the post and then cast your ballot with us.