Clinton Stumps With Champ, Looks For Her Own Comeback

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO -- Hillary Clinton was joined on stage by Kelly Pavlik, the national boxing middleweight champion and Youngstown native, and to no one's surprise the boxing analogies were being thrown left and right.

"You know in life you get knocked down from time to time. Sometimes you don't know its coming," Clinton said as she talked about the struggles Americans face in today's economy.

She said the people of Ohio and Youngstown deserve a "comeback," a comeback like the 2007 fight that eventually made Pavlik national champion. Pavlik was knocked down in the second round, only to rebound and knockout his opponent, Jermain Taylor.

"The same kind of comeback that he's had as a champion is what we want for Youngtown and Ohio, that's what we're looking for," Clinton said.

Clinton went on to tell the story on how her husband watched that fight back in September.

"Now there was a little bit of concern in my household because, you know, that great fight that Kelly won in Atlantic City in December happened to be against another champion from Arkansas," she said, mistaking the date of the bout.

"My husband was a little concerned. But after seeing the way Kelly came back when people were ready to count him out, you know? Well Bill said, 'I think I've just seen another comeback kid, his name is Kelly Pavilk.'" Clinton said to thunderous applause.

She seems confident going into the March 4 primary in Ohio - for one thing she holds on to a slight lead in the polls there. At the rally Clinton declared, "We're going to win!"