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Clinton Spokesman: She Won't Drop Out Tomorrow

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -- A Hillary Clinton spokesman told reporters on a flight over South Dakota that Clinton has no plans of dropping out of the race at her election night celebration in New York City tomorrow night.

"She is in this race until we have a nominee, she still believes there is a path for her to become that nominee," said spokesman Mo Elleithee. "I think it's pretty clear that she is not conceding." When asked "Will you deny that she is dropping out tomorrow night?" Elleithee responded, "Yes."

Elleithee went as far as to say that the campaign is currently working on the upcoming schedule saying they are "putting it together now, we're looking to where we may go."

Meantime, CBS News Chief Political Consultant Marc Ambinder reports that a prominent Democrat who spoke to Clinton today was told by her directly that she will not drop out tomorrow.

The notion that the Clinton campaign is continuing to look forward to the general election is hard to swallow given the fact the Barack Obama is 46 delegates away from clinching the party's nomination. When asked if Clinton would accept the 2,118 delegate number as the threshold to capture the nomination, Elleithee vaguely left open the possibility that the campaign may challenge the Michigan ruling at the convention.

Elleithee also denied reports that the Obama and Clinton campaigns have been in conversations on how to end the race. Elleithee said Obama called Clinton last night to congratulate her on her win in Puerto Rico and categorized the call as "very short, very pleasant."

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